Fulguris 1.9.24

🐞 Drawers are now locked when using bottom sheets.
🎨 Sessions menu now respects bottom toolbar settings.
🔖 Bookmarks import/export rework.
☁️ Backup and restore your Bookmarks directly from any Cloud services.
🎨 Tabs and Bookmarks can be shown in bottom sheets instead of side drawers.
⚙️ Go to "Look & feel" settings and enable "Use bottom sheets".
📑 Bookmarks can be reordered using long tap to drag and drop.
⚙️ Bookmarks panel layout is reversed when using bottom toolbars.
🐞 Improved default user agent to avoid being denied login on Google services.
🐞 Fix rare crash on some devices while trying to save favicons.
🌗 Add web page option to force dark mode.
⚙️ Add settings option to force dark mode on new tabs.
🚨 Full screen video can rotate.
🚦 Tab panel is reversed when using bottom tool bars.
🐞 Fix sticky Fulguris URL regression introduced in release v1.4.4.
🐛 Sessions menu bottom toolbars animations fix.
🐛 Bottom toolbars snackbar moved to top of the screen.
🎨 Settings configuration options to put toolbars at the bottom.
⚙️ Vertical tab bar settings option now orientation specific.
⚙️ Configuration settings moved to their own settings page.
🎨 Error pages are now themed.
📑 Switching between sessions is even faster. Very noticeable for large sessions with over one hundred tabs.
🎨 Menu icon in settings now themed properly.
🎨 Fix white screen visible on start-up when loading certain web site and using dark theme.
🔧 Settings options to toggle "New tab" and "Exit" menu item visibility.
🔧 Settings option to open bookmarks in new tab.
🔧 Settings option to open homepage in new tab.
🕶️ Incognito mode shows Exit menu option.
🎨 Main menu reworked with expendable webpage options.
📖 Much improved reader mode with text to speech feature.
🖨️ Print web page feature allowing save as PDF.
🚥 Horizontal tab bar usable in portrait mode, action buttons are hidden.
✖️ Always show tab close button for horizontal tab bar.
🎨 Favicon color inversion now also works for horizontal tab bar.
📞 Dial when opening tel URL.
🔍 Baidu and Naver search fix.
🐞 Bug fixes and optimizations.
🎬 Web Real Time Communication asks for system permissions.
🎨 Default night theme is now the Black theme.
🐞 Various theme clean-up.