Fulguris 1.8.8

➕ Adding a tab does not scroll to bottom of tab list anymore.
📑 Tab sessions now accessible from tab list too.
🗑️ Closing current tab from tab panel does not close the panel any more.
⌨️ Ctrl+Tab now scrolls to current tab. Most useful in tablet mode with horizontal tab bar.
🐞Fix crash introduced in v1.2.0
📑 Tab sessions feature
  • Clear history, cookies, cache and web storage on exit now working.
  • Default Homepage and History page now displaying title.
  • Code optimization.
  • Footprint cut in half.
  • Should run on older Android 5 and Android 4 devices.
  • Fix half broken image download.
  • Fix search field focus issues on HTC One M8 - Android 6.
  • Reverting to v1.1.3
  • Fix search field focus issues on HTC One M8 - Android 6.
  • Attempt to fix crash on Android 5.
  • Attempt to fix crash in Sponsorship settings.
  • Sponsorship settings no longer connecting to Google services.
  • Fix transparency issue with black theme during settings transition.
  • Add option to copy text from link long tap menu.
  • Built-in ad-blocker update.
  • Sponsorship now shows link to Play Store
  • Adds sponsorship settings.
  • Fix broken recent tab list after closing or creating new tab during Ctrl+Tab session.
  • Fix bookmarks export on Android 10.
  • Keyboard shortcuts update:
    • F6 : Focus text field.
    • F11 : Toggle tool bar and focus menu bolt button.
    • Ctrl + L : Focus text field.
    • Ctrl + P : Brings up tab/page list.
  • Removing long press on back button menu.
  • Themed history page.
  • Fix CTRL+TAB scrolling back to top of the page.
  • Remove keyboard shortcuts we previously introduced to workaround that issue.
  • Tab cycling can now be achieved using CTRL+GRAVE and CTRL+BACKSLASH.