Fulguris 1.3.3

  • Fixed regression issue preventing closure of tab drawer using back button.
  • Fixing URL text field issue when focusing it using keyboard, F11 notably.
  • Added keyboard shortcut F5 to reload page.
  • Added keyboard shortcut FORWARD to go forward in page history.
  • Improved dynamic reload button visibility management.
  • Adding popup message upon download completion.
  • Dynamic stop or reload button.
  • Check for updates from About settings and on start-up.
  • Another pull-to-refresh improvement.
  • Download file name on Android 10 should now be correct.
  • Pull-to-refresh won't trigger anymore when scrolling vertically.
  • Fixed reader mode.
  • Fixed bookmarks import.
  • Bookmarks icons filtered for dark theme.
  • Tabs are now saved before restart after changing theme.
  • Fixing user agent issue preventing login to Google services.
  • Nicer startup sequence.
  • Pull-to-refresh disabled on full screen web page which does not scroll vertically.
  • Such full screen web page won't show tool bar through gesture once hidden anymore.
  • Solely tested against GitHub Project page.