Fulguris 1.8.8

  • Swipe to refresh feature
  • Bookmarks drawer now locked too
  • Black theme now show web page color too
  • Fixed layout issues with tabs and bookmarks drawers after screen rotation
  • Added support for Firebase Crashlytics
  • Favicons of frozen tabs are now persisted.
  • Favicons are showing larger.
  • Fix wrong tool bar colour issue when going from a URL with theme colour to one without.
  • Fix APK signing for installation on older devices
  • Tested on HTC One M8 running Android 6.0
  • Web page theme color now loading much faster
  • Tool bar colour working as it should when doing Ctrl + TAB
  • Ctrl + Fn + TAB does reverse tab cycling
  • Ctrl + Alt + TAB does reverse tab cycling
  • Ctrl + Shift + TAB still does reverse tab cycling too
  • Adds independent settings to hide tool and status bar in portrait and landscape
  • Moved colour mode setting to display settings screen
  • Migrated all settings to Android Jetpack
  • Omnibox does not display HTTPS protocol and 'www' sub-domain anymore once the page is loaded.
  • Taping current tab in tab list now closes the tab list too.