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    Fulguris homepage Fulguris on Google Play Fulguris download Fulguris forums Fulguris on GitHub
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    Fulguris 1.4.4

    Android Web Browser evolved Under development for almost a decade, Fulguris is an open source Web Browser for Android devices with over 60 contributors. Features Here are some of the features offered by Fulguris: 📑Sessions All your tabs belong to a session. You can have multiple named...
  3. Stéphane Lenclud

    DuckDuckGo for F(x)tec Pro¹ 0.0.1

    Introduction This was just a one off experiment and I most likely won't publish any new version. I would instead recommend you consider using Fulguris. You can download here a version of DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser for Android customised for your F(x)tec Pro¹. Features Hide status bar in landscape
  4. Stéphane Lenclud

    Fx Service 1.0.1

    Introduction Fx Service is an Android application providing advanced features for your F(x)tec Pro¹. Your Pro¹ is capable of detecting opening and closing of your case cover providing that it has been fitted with a carefully placed magnet. Features Lock screen upon closing case cover. Lock...
  5. Stéphane Lenclud

    Fx Qwerty 0.3.0

    Fx Qwerty is an Android application providing custom QWERTY keyboard layouts for your F(x)tec Pro1. Keyboard Layouts Providing the following layouts: F(x)tec Pro1 Qwerty - US F(x)tec Pro1 Qwerty - US - Fn+Tab F(x)tec Pro1 Qwerty - US - Shift as Fn F(x)tec Pro1 Qwerty - US - Shift as Fn - Fn+Tab...
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    Android Studio Plugins

    Just listing some Android Studio plugins I used at some point: Statistics: Provides code lines count. CMake: Syntax highlighting for CMake files.
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    Integrate a C++ library with your Android build system

    Purpose & Scope This article is intended for a software engineer audience developing Android applications. We will explain how to integrate a CMake based C++ library with your Android build system. That includes compiling and debugging your C++ library from Android Studio along side your...
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    Android Studio and AZERTY keyboard

    Working with Android studio on my AZERTY keyboard I could not enter curly brackets characters. Curly brackets on AZERTY keyboard are accessed through ALT GR modifier key. It turns out you need to adjust some IntelliJ configuration to get it working. As to why this is no default setting I'm not...
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    XenForo web browser header colour

    Some web browsers, notably on smartphones, let web developers specify a colour that will be used to decline the tints of the web browser header and title bar as well as the smartphone status bar. The following StackOverflow comment provides code samples on how to achieve that. Here is the...