Fulguris 0.9.0

  • Adding privacy settings option to disable analytics and crash report.
  • Improved Ctrl + Tab behaviour.
  • Opening a link from another application while Fulguris is closed now switches to proper tab.
  • Fixed charset decoding issues in Google search suggestions.
  • Added settings option to lock and unlock Tabs and Bookmarks drawers.
  • Added Ctrl + Shift keyboard shortcuts variant to change text size by a single percentage points.
  • Changing text size using keyboard shortcuts now displays toast message.
Default text size should now be 100% instead of 150%.
Applications settings have been refactored, your previous settings will be lost.
  • Improved display settings.
  • Improved text size selection.
  • Added CTRL + - and CTRL + = shortcuts to change text size.
  • Added display settings to show tool bar only at the top of web page.
  • One can now use keyboard to select search suggestion item.
  • Restoring back behaviour as before regression.
  • Fixed regression issue preventing closure of tab drawer using back button.
  • Fixing URL text field issue when focusing it using keyboard, F11 notably.
  • Added keyboard shortcut F5 to reload page.
  • Added keyboard shortcut FORWARD to go forward in page history.
  • Improved dynamic reload button visibility management.
  • Adding popup message upon download completion.