Fulguris 1.8.17

🎁 Improved main menu usability.
🐞 Fix tab list scroll bug when using bottom toolbars.
⚙️ Portrait and Landscape configuration preferences moved to Look & Feel settings and reset. You will need to adjust them again to your liking.
⌨️ Keyboard shortcut CTRL+B to bookmark current page.
🔖 Bookmarks page order inverted when using bottom toolbars.
🇮🇩 Indonesian language update.
🏠 Bookmarks page as default homepage.
🔖 Fluid bookmarks page with themed favicons.
🇮🇩 Add Indonesian language.
♻️ Show popup message with an option to undo when a tab is closed.
🔖 Themed bookmarks page.
🔗 Long press on image link can now use either link or image options.
🌐Language settings improvements.
🐞Fix broken bookmarks export.
🐞Fix restart after screen rotation when using default system language.
🐞Settings title properly updated after language change.
🎁 Contribute to Fulguris from Settings > Contribute.
🗺️ Help translate Fulguris on Crowdin.
🔧 Settings option to change app language from Settings > General.
🇩🇪 Much improved German translations.
⏬ Fix some corrupted downloads.
⏬ Automatically close empty tabs spawned by download links.
🎨 Prevent empty tabs to be blinding white in dark theme.
🐞 Much improved download reliability.
🐞 Downloads from Google Drive now have proper filenames.
🐞 Downloads from Mega should work too.
🖼️ Image download fix.
🐞 Drawers are now locked when using bottom sheets.
🎨 Sessions menu now respects bottom toolbar settings.
🔖 Bookmarks import/export rework.
☁️ Backup and restore your Bookmarks directly from any Cloud services.
🎨 Tabs and Bookmarks can be shown in bottom sheets instead of side drawers.
⚙️ Go to "Look & feel" settings and enable "Use bottom sheets".
📑 Bookmarks can be reordered using long tap to drag and drop.
⚙️ Bookmarks panel layout is reversed when using bottom toolbars.
🐞 Improved default user agent to avoid being denied login on Google services.
🐞 Fix rare crash on some devices while trying to save favicons.
🌗 Add web page option to force dark mode.
⚙️ Add settings option to force dark mode on new tabs.
🚨 Full screen video can rotate.
🚦 Tab panel is reversed when using bottom tool bars.
🐞 Fix sticky Fulguris URL regression introduced in release v1.4.4.
🐛 Sessions menu bottom toolbars animations fix.
🐛 Bottom toolbars snackbar moved to top of the screen.