Fulguris 1.3.3

🏆 Sponsorship settings shows link to GitHub sponsor.
⭐ Sponsorship settings shows link to five stars review.
➕ Adding a tab does not scroll to bottom of tab list anymore.
📑 Tab sessions now accessible from tab list too.
🗑️ Closing current tab from tab panel does not close the panel any more.
⌨️ Ctrl+Tab now scrolls to current tab. Most useful in tablet mode with horizontal tab bar.
🐞Fix crash introduced in v1.2.0
📑 Tab sessions feature
  • Clear history, cookies, cache and web storage on exit now working.
  • Default Homepage and History page now displaying title.
  • Code optimization.
  • Footprint cut in half.
  • Should run on older Android 5 and Android 4 devices.
  • Fix half broken image download.
  • Fix search field focus issues on HTC One M8 - Android 6.
  • Reverting to v1.1.3