Vertical taskbar for Windows 11


  • Vertical taskbar
  • Customizable look & feel
  • Date and time display
  • Virtual desktop support
  • Virtual desktop name display – Windows 11 only
  • Drag and drop to reorder items
  • Context menu actions:
    • Close
    • Activate
    • Minimize
    • Send to virtual desktop
    • Pin and unpin windows and applications
  • Multiple items selection:
    • For drag and drop to reorder
    • For batch context menu action


Use it together with Microsoft PowerToys FancyZones. Create a zone the size of your taskbar, typically on one side of your screen. Drag Taskbar Pro into that zone while holding shift to have it fit that zone. Access Taskbar settings from the Taskbar system menu, right click on title bar. Once you are happy with your settings make sure you lock your Taskbar from the system menu.
See our Tutorial on YouTube.

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Known issues

Virtual desktop features limited on Windows 11.


You can actually restore Windows 10 Taskbar on Windows 11 using ExplorerPatcher.
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Latest updates

  1. Release v1.2.5.0

    🪟 Virtual desktop support for OS Build 22621.2215
  2. Release v1.2.4.0

    ⭐ Group taskbar items per application ✨ Multiple taskbar items selection
  3. Release v1.2.3.0

    🪲 Fix context menu crash when Virtual Desktop is not supported ⭐ Switch to .NET 7