Fx Service

Fx Service 1.0.1

Adding lots of nicer icons.
Turning on screen filter using light sensor can now be disabled by setting it to zero.
Providing Quick Settings Tile to toggle Auto-sync on and off.
Turning off auto-sync on your Android device is the best way to save battery power.
Fixing issues where lock alert dialog would remain on screen after unlocking your device.
Changed lock alert dialog theme.
Adding support for device lock upon closing keyboard.
  • Adding support for light sensor.
  • Adding proper app icon.
  • Lock timeout can now be set more accurately using minutes and seconds.
Added features:
  • Screen goes off as soon as the case is closed and locks on timeout.
  • Settings provide more info and screen filter settings pushed to the top.
  • Screen filter brightness now controlled seamlessly together with system brightness shortcuts.
Adding two Quick Settings tiles. One for system adaptive brightness and one for Fx color filter.
Much improved color filter composition.
System navigation bar is now covered by overlay for best brightness adjustment experience.
Screen brightness and colour can now be adjusted beyond system settings.
User is now directed to Accessibility Service settings.