Fx Service

Fx Service 1.2.0

Target Android 14 - SDK 34
📳 Improved vibration option when case is closed.
📳 Add vibration option when case is closed.
Screen colour filter disabled

Screen filter can blank your screen on Lineage OS. Use this to recover from such situation by installing it over USB using adb install <filename> command.
⏰ Lineage OS: Fix screen wake up by proximity sensor when opening the case.
📱 Support Lineage OS 18.1
  • Added force landscape option. It will force most apps in landscape when you open the keyboard.
  • Split settings over several screens.
  • Add warnings when disabling touch screen.
  • Added more screen rotation options.
  • Added one debug option to display keyboard status change.
  • Added auto-rotate settings for fine tuning.
  • Improved auto-rotate algorithm by adding optional delay.
  • Auto-rotate won't take effect anymore when the screen is locked.
  • Proximity sensor not used anymore to wake up the screen unless it was locked by smart case.
  • Improved screen rotation stability and sensitivity.
  • Screen rotation override.
  • Adding optional vibration upon keyboard key activation.
  • Adding option to disable touch screen.
  • Changed app icon background to black.
Just fixing our publishing error.
Adding Auto-sync scheduler feature for improved battery life while keeping email notifications coming.
Adding lots of nicer icons.
Turning on screen filter using light sensor can now be disabled by setting it to zero.
Providing Quick Settings Tile to toggle Auto-sync on and off.
Turning off auto-sync on your Android device is the best way to save battery power.
Fixing issues where lock alert dialog would remain on screen after unlocking your device.
Changed lock alert dialog theme.
Adding support for device lock upon closing keyboard.