Fx Service

Fx Service 1.0.1

  • Added force landscape option. It will force most apps in landscape when you open the keyboard.
  • Split settings over several screens.
  • Add warnings when disabling touch screen.
  • Added more screen rotation options.
  • Added one debug option to display keyboard status change.
  • Added auto-rotate settings for fine tuning.
  • Improved auto-rotate algorithm by adding optional delay.
  • Auto-rotate won't take effect anymore when the screen is locked.
  • Proximity sensor not used anymore to wake up the screen unless it was locked by smart case.
  • Improved screen rotation stability and sensitivity.
  • Screen rotation override.
  • Adding optional vibration upon keyboard key activation.
  • Adding option to disable touch screen.
  • Changed app icon background to black.
Just fixing our publishing error.
Adding Auto-sync scheduler feature for improved battery life while keeping email notifications coming.