Stéphane Lenclud Curriculum Vitae


Programming Languages

C/C++, GLSL, C#, Java, Perl, XHTML, JavaScript, XML, SQL, PHP, Basic, Pascal, ADA, Assembly (Intel x86, ARM).

Application Programming Interfaces

OpenGL|ES 1.x, 2.0, 3.0. Win32, Android, Qt, EPOC / Symbian.

Programming Styles

Cooperative and preemptive multitasking, client/server inter-process, client/server over network.

Software Architecture

UML (Rational Rose, Borland together, BOUML, ArgoUML).

Version Control Systems

GIT, Mercurial, Perforce, Subversion, CVS, Rational ClearCase.

Integrated Development Environments

Microsoft Visual Studio, Android Studio, Qt Creator, CodeBlocks, Eclipse.

Operating System

Android, iOS, Windows, DOS, Linux, Mac OS, EPOC / Symbian.

Content Creation

GIMP, MilkShape 3D, Timeline FX, Ultimate Unwrap 3D, Blender, Audacity.


Since 2011: Senior Software Engineer, Computer Graphics

GARMIN Würzburg GmbH
  • Develop 3D city rendering engine for automotive projects (Here ECM).
  • Optimise rendering engine for various platforms (WinCE, Android, Linux, iOS, OpenGL ES 2.0/3.0, PowerVR, Tegra, Adreno, Mali).
  • Help deliver solutions to well-known car manufacturers (Tesla, Daimler, Volkswagen, Honda).
  • Attend yearly Imagination Developer Connection event in London.

2005-2011: Senior Software Engineer, 6 years

NAVIGON AG. Wuerzburg, Germany
  • Join the Mobility department, Symbian R&D team.
  • Develop Symbian offboard and onboard car navigation system.
  • Implement HTTP communication module for Symbian OS (C++).
  • Develop and maintain various Symbian client/server architectures.
  • Design and implement OTA update functionality for Symbian OS (C++, Perl, Apache, CGI).
  • Develop and port some of the core navigation technologies (map drawer, address search, speed camera warning')
  • Optimize memory usage for running on early S60 2de edition devices.
  • Port our car navigation solution from S60 2de edition to 3rd edition.
  • Configuration Management, build and release engineering (CVS, Perforce).
  • Assist the Java projects providing some Symbian native support.
  • Defect fixing and triage (Bugzilla).
  • Promote and eventually successfully deploy and administrate our corporate Wiki (TWiki, Linux, Perl).
  • Successful business trip to Samsung in Seoul, South Korea.
  • Attend Samsung Navigation booth at the 'Symbian Smartphone Show 2007' in London.
  • Attend Symbian annual business event in London (2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009).
  • Join the iPhone development team.
  • Join the computer graphics team, working on our 3D terrain rendering engine.

2003-2005: Senior Software Engineer, 14 months

Sendo Ltd. Birmingham, United-Kingdom
  • Join the smartphone department, application UI team.
  • Act as localisation engineer (Perl, C++, Visual Basic, XML).
  • Initiate and manage Sendo X Theme Studio project.
  • Research and develop new localisation system for Symbian OS (Perl, C++, UML).
  • Defect fixing throughout the Series 60 platform and Symbian OS (C++).
  • Write technical and design documentations. (UML)
  • Act as third party technical manager (Jamdat, Emuzed, Voice Signal, Opera').
  • Run 'Symbian !ExpOSium 04'.

2002-2003: Software Engineer, 18 months

Symbian Ltd. London, United-Kingdom
  • Join the core applications team. That group is responsible to maintain and develop Symbian OS application engines such as the one used by Contacts and Calendar applications.
  • Write software design documents ( C++, UML ).
  • Work on maintenance for Symbian OS v6.1, v7.0, v7.0s (C++, Series 60, UIQ ). Fix numerous defects in various areas: data synchronization, alarm server, contact engine, agenda engine etc' Debugging and testing using development boards and product prototypes ( Nokia 7650, Sony Ericsson P800 ).
  • Defect co-ordinator for application engines and application services Symbian OS' sub-systems. Leading a team of up to 8 software engineers.
  • Act as integration engineer.
  • Design and implement team's intranet web site.
  • Training course attended: appraisal and objective settings, delegation skills, object oriented modelling using UML, Symbian OS Internals, various TI workshop.
  • Run 'Symbian !ExpOSium 03'.

2001-2002: Research & Development Engineer, 8 months.

Pierre Bonnerre Soft Link, Boulogne, France
  • Fix defects on emailcomposer software under MS Windows.
  • Provide much plug-ins functionality to emailcomposer such as MD5 (Message Digest 5) ability.
  • Install and design CVS system under Linux.
  • Design and implement Intranet web site and databases architecture.

2001: Software Consultant, 3 months.

Sonomax, Montreal, Canada.

2001: Research & Development Lead Engineer, 6 months.

Webraska SA., Poissy, France.
  • Develop from scratch, client server Internet based car navigation system demo within a few weeks (Pocket PC, CGI, C++, XML, Win32, MFC ) Leading a team of 4 software engineers.
  • Run '3 GSM world congress' in Cannes (Feb 2001).
  • Design object oriented software modules using UML (Multi-platform graphic components, Navigation API communication').
  • Develop software modules for Pocket PC using MFC (HTTP communication, Network connection manager').
  • Manage and train novice engineers.
  • Brought working methods.

1999-2000: Software Engineer, 18 months

Atelier SA. Paris, France.
  • Design and implement voice command application for Psion EPOC devices (ER3, ER5, C++). That kind of application make extensive use of various Symbian APIs (contact model, agenda model, messaging etc')
  • Develop many components for the Quartz DFRD based on Symbian OS v6.0. (Jotter application, control panel, image viewer, word viewer, application launcher engine').
  • Work on 'Minitel', an OEM Teletext application distributed with the French version of the Nokia 9210 communicator .
  • Develop file format conversion utilities. Reverse engineering Symbian proprietary file format (EPOC Sheet Engine/Excel BIFF, EPOC Rich Text/RTF and EPOC MBM/BMP, PICT ).
  • Work on Atelier's Symbian telephony solution.
  • Enable concept phone design and Atelier's booth advertisement for 'Symbian developer expo 2000'.
  • Run 'Symbian developer expo 2000' exhibition in London (Nov 2000).

1997-1999: IT Director Assistant, 20 months

ICL / Fujitsu, Paris, France.
  • Develop software suite allowing automation of business engineers' commissions computing (C++, Visual Basic, ODBC').
  • Design database architecture (Oracle, SQL Server, Access).
  • Define and produce economic reports for financial director (Business Object, crystal report).

Personal projects

Since 2014: MediaPortal Developer

  • User input handler supporting: Keyboards, IR remotes, Gamepads and virtually any HID hardware (C#, HID).
  • Consumer Electronic Display support (Futaba VFD, iMon SoundGraph LCD/VFD).

2007-2010: OpenGL|ES, on going

  • Develop an OpenGL|ES 3D 'game' engine.
  • Develop an OpenGL ES MilkShape ms3d model viewer for S60 and Windows.
  • Port a 3D space invader game to Symbian OS, OpenGL|ES.

2006-2007: Symbian OS

  • Develop some basic skills in OpenGL|ES 3D programming applied to Symbian OS and Windows platform.
  • Develop a prototype of an innovative data driven UI framework on top Symbian OS and/or S60 UI layer (Eikon, Avkon).

2006: Linux Server, on going

  • Using !OpenSuse.
  • Migration to Ubuntu.
  • Run using TWiki.
  • Took an active part in the TWiki open source project.

2003: Series 60 graphical application, 1 month

  • Implement a graphic library for Series 60 direct screen access, including few ARM assembly optimized primitives.
  • Implement a Series 60 full screen plasma effect application (fire flames simulation).

2002: Nokia 9210 Communicator Internet based routing application, 1 months

  • Negotiate developer access to Webraska's global navigation system.
  • Design and develop Internet based routing system application, targeting Nokia 9210 platform.
  • Develop common gateway interface to query Webraska global navigation system using EPOC WINC.
  • Use Symbian O.S. socket API to send basic HTTP queries.
  • Develop basic XML parser using Symbian OS APIs.


1996-1999: Engineering degree in information technologies and management

ESIG Paris, France
  • Specialised in application development.

1994-1996: Scientific A level (baccalauréat S)

Lycée Jules Ferry, Conflans St-Honorine, France
  • Specialised in biology and geology.

Personal information

  • Date of birth: 28th of August 1976.
  • Nationality: French.
  • Language:
    • French: native language.
    • English: fluent.
    • German: basic.
  • Driving license.
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