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Human Interface Device - HID

Discussion in 'Papers' started by Stéphane Lenclud, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Stéphane Lenclud

    Stéphane Lenclud Founder Staff Member

    Purpose and Scope

    We provide here information about HID for engineers wanting to gather practical knowledge of that technology. We will focus on the Microsoft Windows platform.

    About HID

    Human Interface Device also known as HID protocol is typically used for USB devices such as: mouse, keyboard, gamepad, joystick or IR remote. Some LCD and VFD devices are also known to use HID. Although often implemented over USB, the HID protocol is not bound to it and can be used over other hardware interface.

    Personal Interest

    I first started looking at HID to interface with a USB Futaba VFD module to use with MediaPortal.
    As I was unsatisfied with MediaPortal handling of IR remote and other input devices I also ended up rewriting MediaPortal HID handler and in the process I published HID Demo and SharpLibHid.


    Windows 10 provides a Virtual HID Framework which should make it easier to implement your own driver.


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