Display Data Channel - DDC

Display Data Channel or simply DDC is a set of protocols enabling a computer to communicate with a display. To me it's primarily a means to adjust your display brightness from your computer without having to touch the said monitor.

Use case

Say you have a desktop workstation with three monitors it would be convenient to be able to adjust brightness levels on those displays at the same time, DDC would enable you to do just that. Without DDC you would have to go through each of your display menus one by one and painfully adjust the brightness from there. Now if you need to adjust said brightness multiple times daily to match changing lighting conditions it becomes a very annoying process to the point where it's not manageable.


Thankfully you have applications such as Free Monitor Manager, which isn't really free, that enables you to manipulate all your displays brightness levels through DDC.
There is also the apparently more complex ClickMonitorDDC. I'm also assuming Flux is using DDC.
I also found a tool called softMCCS but this one is apparently targeted at monitor manufactured wishing to test their display implementation.

I've also developed my own basic tool to modify your monitor settings, take a look at Monitor Configuration Demo.


Microsoft Windows does provide the Monitor Configuration APIs to make use of DDC.
I also found the following open source projects, though most of them seems to be fairly basic API usage examples:
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