XenForo favicon

Those icons your web browser usually show on its tabs are called favicon in web developer jargon. They notably allow users to easily navigate their browser’s tabs while exposing them to your brand.

Funny enough XenForo v1.5.12 did not seem to provide any built-in support for favicon.
However it's extremely straight forward to fix that as explained below:
  • Copy your favicon.ico file to your web server document root.
  • Go to your XenForo Admin Control Panel / Appearance / Templates / PAGE_CONTAINER.
  • Edit that template adding something like the following HTML sample inside your HTML header element. Make sure the path to you favicon file matches your server configuration.
<link rel="icon" href="/favicon.ico?v=2" />

To make sure it gets updated on the client machines whenever it needs to, you ought to change the version number after updating your icon as explain on StackOverflow.
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