Windows Subsystem for Android

Here are information about Windows Subsytem for Android also known as WSA. As of January 2022 WSA is still a preview feature on Windows 11 allowing you to run Android applications on Windows. Basic understanding of Windows and Android development is assumed.

Installation WSA

Windows Insider Beta

You need to run Windows 11 and enable Windows Insider Program.


Make sure you apply all Windows updates after subscribing to the Beta channel, possibly rebooting your PC a few times in the process.

New Microsoft Store

From there you will need to upgrade to the new version of Microsoft Store. Instruction on how to get this done can be found on Windows Central.

Amazon Appstore

From your new Microsoft Store install the Amazon Appstore. This is basically installing WSA for you.
However you won't find it unless your set your region to United States.

The Amazon Appstore is itself an Android application so you are already set, WSA is running already. You could also login on the Amazon Appstore but to date it looks like there are only mostly useless games in there. You will only be able to login on the Amazon Appstore using a US based account. From Germany I could create a new account on, then set my post code to anything in the US and that did it.

Install applications

You can sideload any APK you want after enabling developer mode and connecting to WSA using adb. Just run adb install <path-to-apk>.
Sideload Fulguris on WSA:
adb connect
adb install .\Fulguris-v1.8.4-slions-full-download-release.apk
You could for instance install F-Droid. That will give you access to its range of free and open source applications.
However Google Play store is not currently officially available on WSA. More on that later.
To make it easier to install APK on WSA you could also use Pacman.

WSA with Google Play

See MagiskOnWSA.
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