Logitech G903 mouse wheel stability fix

After upgrading from a Logitech G900 to that G903 model I was unhappy with the stability of the free spinning mouse wheel. More often than not after coming to a stop it would scroll back in the opposite direction. Most annoying when you are editing or just scrolling through documents.

I posted on reddit about it and also found a guy who had that same issue on a G502 mouse and solved it by applying white lithium grease. Following his advise I went ahead and sure enough it does the trick. The wheel, while still free spinning, is now stable and does not backtrack anymore. However, I find I actually have a little bit too much friction. The wheel slows down a bit too fast maybe. If I had to do it again I would be careful to apply the tiniest bit of that grease first, I may have overdone it a bit.

Below are a few shoots of that disassembly.

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