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  1. Stéphane Lenclud

    Toggle Windows Test Mode and Kernel debugging

    I use Windows Test Mode and Kernel Debugging from time to time, notably to use or debug that TrackPoint driver of mines. However the other day I needed to use Fortnite for a project I'm working on. Turns out it fails to launch mentioning the following issues: I guess Epic enforces that to deter...
  2. Stéphane Lenclud

    Extra action button on Android Snackbar

    Introduction I wanted to use a Snackbar message popup for users to select a couple of options instead of just the one offered by standard Snackbar. I first deployed this solution in Fulguris to allow users to choose between image or link when doing a long press on image link. Code Using Kotlin...
  3. Stéphane Lenclud

    Remote Chromium Web Browser debugging

    Introduction While developing Fulguris which is an Android web browser based on WebView and therefore Chromium I came across a neat feature. You can inspect web pages opened on your Android device from your favourite PC Chromium based web browser, Vivaldi in my case. Solution Establish a debug...
  4. Stéphane Lenclud

    Download links favicons with Javascript

    Introduction Many websites including do decorate links with favicons from their target. To achieve this on XenForo I've been using that Favicon For Links AddOn. It is simply using a Google service to fetch said favicon. However I grew frustrated at the amount of prominent sites whose...
  5. Stéphane Lenclud

    Code syntax highlighting on XenForo

    Introduction I wanted to improve my experience with code syntax highlighting notably to support this article. XenForo is using Prism javascript library to perform syntax highlighting client side. Requirements I notably needed to support Kotlin language and deploy a syntax colour theme that's...
  6. Stéphane Lenclud

    Access files and documents on Android

    Introduction I recently had to migrate legacy code in Fulguris Web Browser away from accessing files directly and instead use so called document's URIs. It's a task that was pushed on me by Google as they were enforcing scoped storage from Android 11 and restricting access to Google Play for non...
  7. Stéphane Lenclud

    Sniffing USB HID traffic with WireShark and USBPcap

    Just install WireShark which will optionally install USBPcap for you.
  8. Stéphane Lenclud

    Open source web browsers for Android

    Here we maintain a lists of notable open source web browsers for Android. Based on WebView: DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser FOSS Browser Fulguris - Forked from Lightning Lightning Firefox Focus - See also Mozilla Android Components Privacy Browser - Link to source code Smart Cookie Web - Forked...
  9. Stéphane Lenclud

    How to enable ad blocker?

    Here we explain how to toggle ad blocker on and off.
  10. Stéphane Lenclud

    How to find out what an icon button does?

    In Fulguris you will often find tool bars with action buttons showing just an icon without label. Here we explain how to find out what an icon button does.
  11. Stéphane Lenclud

    How to move tabs between sessions?

    Here we explain how to move tabs from one session to another.
  12. Stéphane Lenclud

    Git cheat sheet

    Add specified <file> to your list of commits. git add <file> Amend the current changes. Typically done after cherry-pick from gerrit. git commit --amend Fetch and Merge from the remote depot. git pull --rebase Update all submodules git submodule update --init --recursive Delete a local...
  13. Stéphane Lenclud

    F(x)tec Pro¹ Smart Case

    Introduction You can customise yourself a smart case for your (x)tec Pro¹ using readily available cases and a small magnet, here is how. Book case The only standard case format which can protects your thick F(x)tec Pro¹ is a flip book case with magnetic closure strap. Those cases are typically...
  14. Stéphane Lenclud

    Sonos Playbar vs Sonos Arc

    Introduction I just swapped a Sonos Playbar with that newly released Sonos Arc and thought I would share my experience. Optical vs HDMI For now I will stick to S/PDIF using that optical to HDMI adapter provided with Sonos Arc. I have three reasons to keep using optical: TV panel from 2015...
  15. Stéphane Lenclud

    Open Track for Kinect v2

    This is just providing an Open Track test release fixing Easy Tracker for Kinect issues reported there:
  16. Stéphane Lenclud


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  17. Stéphane Lenclud

    DuckDuckGo for F(x)tec Pro¹

    Stéphane Lenclud submitted a new resource: DuckDuckGo for F(x)tec Pro¹ - Custom DuckDuckGo build optimised for use on F(x)tec Pro¹ Read more about this resource...
  18. Stéphane Lenclud

    Fx Service

    Stéphane Lenclud submitted a new resource: Fx Service - Advanced features for your F(x)tec Pro¹ Read more about this resource...
  19. Stéphane Lenclud

    Fx Qwerty

    Stéphane Lenclud submitted a new resource: Fx Qwerty - Custom QWERTY Keyboard Layouts for F(x)tec Pro1 Read more about this resource...
  20. Stéphane Lenclud

    HID Demo

    Stéphane Lenclud submitted a new resource: HID Demo - Test HID devices on Windows PC Read more about this resource...