Fulguris 1.9.30

  • Themed history page.
  • Fix CTRL+TAB scrolling back to top of the page.
  • Remove keyboard shortcuts we previously introduced to workaround that issue.
  • Tab cycling can now be achieved using CTRL+GRAVE and CTRL+BACKSLASH.
  • Showing back and forward buttons on tool bar if it is wide enough.
  • Fixed issues where status bar icons would be black when user forces black status bar.
  • Improved desktop mode page rendering.
  • Added desktop mode viewport width settings for portrait and landscape.
  • Improved usability on tablet.
  • Improved desktop style tab bar.
  • Support for multi-window desktop modes such as Samsung Dex.
  • Fixed broken desktop style tab strip.
  • Fixed popup menu shadow.
  • Support for Samsung Galaxy Tab S6.
  • Adds settings option to show close tab button on tab list items.
  • Improved popup menu items touch response by making them full width.
  • Attempt to fix a crash introduced in v0.9.6
  • Improved some settings screens.
You may need to adjust your settings again if you did not use the default ones.
You will loose all your tabs after installing that update:
  • Prompt before launching third-party application when first encountered.
  • Added settings page to enable and disable usage of third-party applications.
  • Restore all tabs won't download them all anymore.
  • Cleaned up bookmark list.
  • Changed default bookmarks.
  • Reordered shortcuts icons in popup menu.
  • Enabled desktop mode toggle.
  • Fixed incognito mode.
  • Added orientation specific settings options to disable pull-to-refresh.
  • Minor fix of SSL lock icon.
Note that incognito mode should be improved. For instance it seems to retain cookies between sessions.
  • Adding tooltips to image buttons.
  • Improved icon filter for dark themes.
  • New browser menu design.
  • New tabs list tool bar design:
    • Added button to restore last closed tab.
    • Added button to restore all closed tabs.
    • Added button to close all other tabs.
Incognito mode is currently disabled as it was broken.
  • Adding privacy settings option to disable analytics and crash report.
  • Improved Ctrl + Tab behaviour.
  • Opening a link from another application while Fulguris is closed now switches to proper tab.
  • Fixed charset decoding issues in Google search suggestions.
  • Added settings option to lock and unlock Tabs and Bookmarks drawers.
  • Added Ctrl + Shift keyboard shortcuts variant to change text size by a single percentage points.
  • Changing text size using keyboard shortcuts now displays toast message.
Default text size should now be 100% instead of 150%.
Applications settings have been refactored, your previous settings will be lost.
  • Improved display settings.
  • Improved text size selection.
  • Added CTRL + - and CTRL + = shortcuts to change text size.
  • Added display settings to show tool bar only at the top of web page.