Fulguris 1.8.5

🎬 Web Real Time Communication now working, you can make video calls.
📑 Tab counter displays actual count until 999 tabs.
🐞 Fix potential crash on start-up introduced in v1.3.8.
🖌️ Improved theming, rounded corners and popup menu.
💬 Update notifications.
💾 Save passwords settings option removed from Android Oreo as system Auto-fill framework handles that.
🖥️ Persistent desktop mode and settings option.
⌨️ Keyboard shortcuts to switch sessions Ctrl + Shift + 1 to 0.
🔎 Find in page Material Design.
🐞 Various sessions menu bug fix.
🐞 Fix broken sessions menu on Android 6.
🖌️ Add icon to colour mode settings entry.
📑 Tab bars and other lists switched to Material Design.
🌓 Fix invert reading mode when using default system theme.
🌒 System dark mode from Android 10.
🖌️ Themed reading mode progress dialog.
🖌️ Theme change applied on-the-fly.
🖼️ Icons showing disabled state again.
🎨 Material Design themes
🍯 Improved sessions menu.
🐞 Bookmark import/export now working from Android 10 too.
🐞 Tabs won't get stuck anymore when doing Ctrl+Tab or fast scroll.
🐞 Sessions edit and delete item buttons now properly laid out.
🚥 Horizontal tabs drag & drop.
❄️ Frozen tabs use italic font.
🚦 Vertical tab bar settings entry reworked.
🍿 Better main menu placement when using horizontal tab bar.
📑 Better sessions menu placement.
🐞 Fix crash on start-up on Android 5.
❌ Formally drop support for KitKat Android 4.4.
🏆 Sponsorship settings shows link to GitHub sponsor.
⭐ Sponsorship settings shows link to five stars review.
➕ Adding a tab does not scroll to bottom of tab list anymore.
📑 Tab sessions now accessible from tab list too.
🗑️ Closing current tab from tab panel does not close the panel any more.
⌨️ Ctrl+Tab now scrolls to current tab. Most useful in tablet mode with horizontal tab bar.
🐞Fix crash introduced in v1.2.0